Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website. I'm Pam - a wedding, senior, and family photographer located in beautiful Northeast Tennessee on the Virginia border. I love to travel, so ask me about coming to your hometown to create some memories. I'm sure we can work something out! 






I'm Pam Burke. I live in Northeast TN with my daughter, our three dogs, and a cat. My other daughter and two grandsons live close by. I photograph most of my sessions against the backdrop of beautiful East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. I also love to travel. Natural light is my choice and I love early morning shoots as well as that golden hour just before sunset.

I inherited a love of photography from my mom, along with a chest full of photos and her ancient Kodak camera. Lucky for me, she let me use the family camera even when I was in elementary school. I acquired my first 35mm SLR in college, where I took a class that allowed me to develop my own images. 

After photographing my family and friends just for the fun of it, I decided to explore this as a side hustle in 2010 while working a full time job. I retired from my day job in October 2017 and photography became my full time job. There's just something about creating memories that fulfills me in a way my office job never could. 

Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make and capturing images that will withstand the test of time is my goal. I want you to look back on the day and see things that you had forgotten were even happening as you were caught up in the moment. You can relax and know that every detail is being recorded. 

In addition to weddings, seniors, families, and lifestyle newborn sessions are some my favorites because NOW will never happen again. If you don't record it to look back on in the future, it will be lost forever. 

Contact me today. I cannot wait to meet you! 
♥ Pam


(Photo taken by the amazing Jessica Burke @jessicafayeburke)